What we stand for

We believe a healthy work-life balance is key to get the most out of your life. To spend enough time with family and friends, achieve your professional goals and to stay fit. Lvl-up will help you to tweak your habits and lifestyle and get more out of life.

You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.

―Heather Schuck

Meet our team

Dion Pereira

Co-founder & Digital Marketer

+31 6 29295906

Dion Pereira started like many of us: just graduated and starting the 9 to 5, not really knowing what he wants. After saving money, he traveled to Bali, which instanly felt like home. After 6 months this fairy tale ended and he went back totally broke to the Netherlands. Dedicated to go back, he mastered digital marketing and is now working remotely for international clients and agencies. He enjoys the freedom it brings and wants to inspire others to try this as well.

Roy Selbach

Co-founder & Entrepreneur

+63 9955361050

Roy Selbach is one of the dynamic duo. After acquiring three degrees and acquiring years of marketing experience by working in a wide asset of B2B & B2C industries for large-scale companies such as Malaysia Airlines & Vistaprint, he decided that it was time for an adventureous switch of his career. Roy has been happily living in South-east Asia ever since and set-up a variety of digital initiatives. Recently he started his own digital transformation agency EOI Digital in Manila.