Upcoming January, we are hosting more than 8 professionals from around the globe to work in & explore Bali together for 21 days. This adventure is tailored to bring new perspectives, build strong connections, boost their business, take their mind to the next level and improve their physics. Will you join them?

A breathtaking experience to
level up your health & wealth

Bali is a magical place where you can reconnect and submerge in a unique world with a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

The diversity of this tropical island in Indonesia is incomparable and attracts people from all over the world. Bali is famous for its beaches, culture, spirituality, surfing, nightlife, food, world-class spas, art and breathtaking landscapes. The local Indonesian people of Bali will greet you with a big smile and welcome you to their island with great hospitality. Bali is the perfect getaway to find whatever you are looking for. Grab this opportunity to focus on what is truly important in your life and to rediscover your work-life balance.

In this 30-days health-wealth retreat, you will become a better version of yourself. You will be surrounded by likeminded people, who are dealing with the same daily situations as you. With this carefully selected group, you will start working on improving your mental capabilities, business and getting the best physical condition.

Our team of professionals have all the skills to grow your business and as an individual. Meditation and yoga in the morning, working in a coworking space during the day, workshops, amazing group dinners to taste the amazing culinary diversity and connect with your peers and exciting field trips that you will never forget.
By sharing your experiences, helping and teaching each other, you will be able to create bonds which will last for a lifetime. Join us now!






What’s included?

A tailor-made package focused to level-up your health & wealth:

• Welcome orientation, dinner & activities
• Comfortable room in our villa
• Daily breakfast
• Airport pickup upon arrival
• Drop off at the airport
• Local SIM card
• Unlimited membership at a local coworking space
• Dedicated yoga instructor 3 times a week
• Motivated fitness instructor 3 times a week
• Expert nutritionist which creates a tailormade program
• One-on-one Business coaching by a professional coach
• Peer-to-peer workshops
• Exciting field trips to amazing spots in Bali
• Unlimited access to the Lvl-up alumni community

* Booking is only possible after we accepted you as a participant
** 30% down payment after acceptance, 70% 2 weeks before the start of the retreat
*** Flights are excluded.
**** Lvl-up retreat can be written of as a business expense



21 days Lvl-up retreat

Canggu, Bali