Become a better version of yourself

Growth and success are achieved by working harder on all areas of your life, not just your work or your job. With Lvl-up’s unique work-life retreat, we offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s bound to change your life and how you do business forever. For 3 weeks, you will focus on improving your physical condition, nutrition, mindset and business in a relaxing sanctuary, with your thoughts guided by our team of certified professionals.

Lvl-up plans to host more indulging retreats this and upcoming years, touring conscious entrepreneurs to mesmerizing locations.
Organizing health-wealth retreats is what we do best – we’ve got you covered.

Business Coach Fitness Instructor Yoga Teacher Nutritionist

Business Coach

Our dedicated business coaches have helped many businesses with their obstacles, managing and improving their business processes and gaining new insights. A fresh pair of eyes on your business and someone new to discuss your obstacles and ideas with is sometimes exactly what could boost your business. Combine that with a new environment, a different mindset and peers that can and are willing to help you and we are sure you will leave our retreat with many new insights and strategies to implement them.

During our retreat, our business coach will sit down with you 3 times:
- in the beginning: intake and to set goals
- midway: to evaluate and give directions
- in the end: final evaluation and advice

They will guide you through business methodologies, aspects, ideologies, and philosophies needed for achieving targeted goals – this is what our certified business coaches live for. Throughout our workshop sessions, a Lvl-up business coach will be there to guide, shift, alter, or scale down your perspective to help you organize realistic business strategies and bust real-life or imaginary constraints. Our business coach will make sure that by the end of the retreat, you’ve successfully gained effectual management and operational techniques that you can apply to your business as immediate as possible. With business workshops and expert one-on-one guidance, improving your business has never been easier. With Lvl-up, you deserve guidance that’s nothing but hands-on.

Fitness Instructor

Lvl-up promotes the improvement of health and wellness. Packed with professional fitness instructors, we’ll lead, instruct, and motivate you to engage in various exercise activities for strengthening the core, heart, cardiovascular system and more.

Our fitness instructors are well-versed in all aspects of becoming fit. They specialize in achieving a better you - physically, socially, and mentally. They work with you hand in hand to support your personal fitness goals. Our fitness experts don’t just ensure that the hard work is done, they take full responsibility for the job and make your goals their own.

We highly encourage you to join fitness sessions with our highly acclaimed fitness professionals. Throughout the activities, you’d receive exclusive information about workout routines and techniques that are known to bring noticeable results.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a highly popular type of workout for a number of good reasons. It effectively unites the body and mind, improves posture and flexibility, and develops body balance and strength. With our dedicated yoga teachers, you’re looking at a better physical and mental state after a full 30 days.

Our yoga experts teach operative postures, meditation, and breathing and visualization techniques to calm the mind and body. They will accompany you throughout the journey, sharing specialized techniques for 2-3 times a week. By embracing this unique form of exercise, you will learn how to channel your mental & physical state in a beneficial way for you and your business.


Is business getting in the way of nutrition? Your lifestyle can get way better than that. Lvl-up will let you have a private session with our top-rated nutritionist, creating a balanced nutrition program designed just for you.

Our nutritionist is adept in providing customized information targeted towards your health concerns. She will assess your lifestyle, health needs, and diet to come up with a meal plan with inclusion that’s favorable to you.

Our expert will promote balanced nutrition by discussing day-to-day routine, food consumption, and how good eating habits can help prevent health issues and diseases. With Lvl-up’s life-changing retreat, you will get to pay attention to your nutritional needs and figure out the best meal schedule for those needs.


Your dream work vacation is just a few clicks away

We have picked the most inspiring destinations on this planet for you to work on yourself and your business. Visit a beautiful destination you’ve always planned but just couldn’t find the time to do so. Our packages ensure you’re comfortable, well accommodated, satisfied and occupied with a lot of fun things to discover. Join many of the fun activities shared with fellow entrepreneurs.

Be more efficient, compassionate, driven, and motivated to achieve your business goals. Have a face-to-face meeting with our reliable experts in physical, mental and career improvement in a totally new environment.

Join us on our mission to improve your physical condition and business mindset, become more balanced and grow to the next level. Experience a unique adventure in the most beautiful hideaways the world has to offer. Register now to reserve your spot!